Pakkret Municipality


The Pakkret Municipality has an area of 36.04 It consists of 34 villages in five tambons or subdistricts, namely, Pakkret, Bangpud, Banmai, Bangtalad, and Klongklau.

The Municipality of Pakkret borders with the Phathumthani Muang District in Phathumthani Province to the north, with the Nonthaburi City Municipality to the south, with the Donmuang District in Bangkok to the east, and with the Chao Praya River ( at Bang Tanai Village, Prakkret District) to the west.

The Pakkret Municipality is locater on the Chao Praya River Plain which is suitable for agricultural activities, such as fruit orchards, The tasty well- known fruit produced within the area are durian, Pamela, mangosteen, and banana.

However, as the location of the municipality is neighboring with Bangkok, only 20 km. far, and communication routes (land route and waterway) are very convenient, almost the whole landuse of the municipality has been transformed from agricultural purpose to residential and commercial ones. Investment, especially on house construction, is far thriving, About hundreds home villages are constructed. Infrastructure, Public utility and Facility

1. Road
There are 8 roads/streets and 67 lanes within the municipality, with the
total length of 65.29 km., as follows
49 concrete roads = 48.20
8 asphalt roads = 7.76
16 rock blended roads = 7.99
2 pebble roads = 1.34

2. Transportation There are two means of transportation used within the districts of Nonthaburi Province and with other provinces.
Highway: Two highways used are Chaengwattana Road and Thiwanon Road. The distant from Pakkret District to Nonthaburi Province and to Bangkok are about 10 and 20 km. respectively.
Waterway: The popular waterway used from Pakkret District to Bangkok is the Chao Praya River route by using express ferryboats. Additionaly, long-tailed boats are used for traveling in the nearby area.

3. Water Supply
Water supply utilized within the Municipal boundary comes from the Water Supply Office, Nonthaburi Branch

4. Electricity
Electricity used within the Municipal area is from the Power Authority Office, Nonthaburi Branch.

5. Postal Service There are two post offices, at the Hah Yak Prakkret and the Sukhaprachasan Lane. Economic Condition
Cow and milchcow are raised in Bangtalad Subdstrict.
are various types of business, as, wholesaling, retailing, land and property business, etc.

There are 142 manufactures situated within the municipality, such as, texile, tailoring, electronic, plywood, paper, food, and rice-mill industries.

These manufactures are categorized into three sized, namely:
- 96 small sized factories
- 34 medium sized factories
- 12 large sized factories
4. Banking, Market, Departmentstore, Hotel, Pawnshop, and Public/Health Park
- 18 banks
- 3 fresh markets
- 4 departmentstores
- 2 hotels
- 1 pawnshop
- 3 public/health park

Social Condition
1. Population and Household
In 2008, there were 167,664 people living in the Pakkret municipal area. The mumber of households were about 91,119.

2. Education
At present, there is no school operated by the municipality. However, there are many educational institutes established within the area, namely:
- 19 public and private primary schools
- 8 public and private high schools
- 1 university

3. Religion
- 16 Buddhist temples
- 2 Christian churches
- 2 Muslim temples
- 4 joss houses

4. Public Health
There are 2 public and 1 private hospitals, and 1 municipality public health service center. The municipality public health services include nursing,mother and child care,health promotion,communicable disease preventioncontrol,slaughterhouse,sanitation and cleaning. Administration

There are 8 divisions established in the Pakkret Municiplity as follows
1) Office of the Municipal
2) Division of Finance
3) Division Public Works
4) Sanitary Works Division
5) Technical Services and Planing Division
6) Division of Public Health and Environment
7) Social Welfare Division
8) Education Division which comprises

There is no treatment of waste water from manufactures is the minicipal are a Local people dump their garbage in drainage and canals. Weak enforcement of laws related to solid waste management and expensive investment for purchasing vast land and for constructing a waste water treatment plant.

land of Pakkret Municipality is a low land , have many many canal to connect the land Now water and waste water drain direct to canal and river. The water of canal is blank and dirty.

The Municipality have the land for waste water treatment
1. Srisaman road in Banmai district 30 rai
2. Pachasongkok area 2 rai
3. Pig slaughter house

So the suitable research project , study under sign-tech engineering consultant could be a study about sanitary environment of Pakkret Municipality Begin field of by survey problem and analysis then research method to improve and sovle about problem for a good environment

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